New characters permitted under .no

Name of letter Grafic
a with acute accent 00E1
A with grave accent 00E0
A with umlaut 00E4
C with caron č 010D
C with cedilla 00E7
D with crossbar đ 0111
E with acute accent 00E9
E with grave accent 00E8
E with circumflex accent 00EA
ENG (sometimes written as
N with acute accent)
ŋ 014B
N with acute accent ń 0144
N with tilde 00F1
O with acute accent 00F3
O with grave accent 00F2
O with circumflex accent 00F4
O with umlaut 00F6
S with caron š 0161
T with crossbar ŧ 0167
U with umlaut 00FC
Z with caron ž 017E
Last modified 16 December 2005