About domain names

This is how the domain name system works

The domain name system (DNS) represents the “telephone book” of the Internet. Similar to look up a name in the telephone book to find a phone number, you look up addresses in DNS to find an IP address.

This is DNSSEC

DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is a security extension to DNS. DNSSEC protected domains are cryptographically signed, and this makes it possible to check that the reply to a domain lookup comes from the correct source of origin, and that the lookup has remained unchanged.

Key data on domain names

Here you find key numbers and statistics for a number of topics as regards Norwegian domain names and the domain market in Norway. You also find all surveys that have been conducted, as well as evaluations on all major policy changes that have been carried out.

This is how DNSSEC works

Last updated 19 November 2018