Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee

The ADR Committee is an independent entity which processes complaints about rights to a Norwegian domain name (domain names within the country code .no) or appeals against decisions made by Norid. A complaint must be raised within three years after the domain was registered or transferred.

Norid’s task is to guide the two parties and ensure that the documents fulfill the requirements. We are the secretariat for the Committee, but make no recommendations to the complaint handling.

All decisions are archived and published.

Please note that all complaints must be submitted in Norwegian.

Result of complaints which has been processed

Since the ADR committee was stablished in 2003, it has processed 585 cases. The results have the following distribution:

sektordiagram      Complaint approved: 360
     Resolved in mediation: 12
     Complaint dismissed: 136
     Complaint rejected: 77
Last updated 4 May 2017