Complaints on registrars

To get access to register or modify a domain name, all registrars must make an agreement with Norid. A presumption for this agreement is that applications and changes only are carried out if the applicant or holder has asked the registrar to do so.

If you as a holder experiences that your registrar do not keep up to the agreement with us, you are welcome to discuss the matter with us. We take very seriously on all complaints on registrars, and do our best to follow up if we have the possibility to deal with the specific matter. However, it is important to notice that we cannot comment on conditions which affect the registrar’s terms of business within fields that are not covered by the agreement between Norid and the registrar.

We recommend that all domain name holders make an agreement in writing with their registrar. The agreement should as a minimum cover conditions of prices, time of response, service faulties, and termination of the agreement. A good agreement makes it much easier to advance a demand in case of a conflict. A possible conflict on an agreement between registrar and holder is outside Norid’s field of responsibility.

Complaints which could be followed up by us:

  • changes on the domain which you as a holder has not asked for
  • transfer of the domain to another holder without your permission

Complaints which cannot be followed up by us:

  • complaints on services from the registrar, such as web hotel, email etc.
  • prices set by the registrar
Last updated 2015 or before