This copyright has been translated from the Norwegian version at The Norwegian version is considered to be the master copy, and has precedence over the English translation if a conflict between the two should arise.

Except for use which falls under the intended use of the database or with written permission from Norid, it is forbidden to copy or imitate in any other way, store, download or transfer information or collection of information given in this database. This applies independently of how the information is rendered, stored etc., and independently of whether this is for temporary or permanent storage or use. This also applies independently of whether or not the intention is commercial use. Any commercial use of the registered information, targeted marketing including, is forbidden.

Infringement may be in violation of the EU’s database directive and Norwegian law concerning the protection of person information. Any violation is at one’s own responsibility. Norid will prosecute any illegal rendering, downloading or other type of violation. Norid requests to be informed of violations or suspicion of violations.