Who can be contacted about what

The domain name holder

The domain name holder has the right to and the responsibility for the use the domain name.

The holder can be contacted about the registration of the name, e.g. inquiries about purchasing the domain name, disputes about the name, or suspected illegal activities connected to the domain name.

The registrar

The registrars are businesses that have a contract with us that lets them enter domain applications and updates. The registrars are also required to assist the domain name holder when needed.

The registrar can be contacted e.g. when you need to change registered information connected to the domain name.

Technical contact

The technical contact is responsible for the correct technical setup of the domain and for its operation.

The technical contact can be contacted if there are technical issues with the domain, or if the domain is used in a way that could damage the stability for other domains or for the internet as an infrastructure.

Help in conflicts about domain names or content

  • Disputes about rights to a domain name can be brought before a court of law. For Norwegian domain names, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee serves as a quick and low-cost alternative in simple disputes.
  • The guidance service slettmeg.no gives advice on how you can have information removed from the internet. They know a lot about what it is possible to have deleted, and how you should proceed.
  • The police gives advice on their tips page on how the public can let them know about illegal activities on the internet.
Last updated 22 May 2018