Change information

You as the domain name holder are responsible for ensuring that the information related to the domain is correct at all times. All changes in the registered information must take place through a registrar.

By changes in registered information, we mean changes in:

  • for professionals: name of your organization; for individuals: personal name respectively
  • address, email address, telephone number or fax number
  • name of contact persons for the domain, as well as the contact persons’ address, email address, telephone number or fax number
  • name servers for the domain

To change information related to the domain

  1. Contact the registrar for the domain.
  2. Specify the information to be changed.
  3. The registrar updates our database.

Why do you need to keep the information up to date?

Should there be technical problems, disputes about the domain name, or difficulty getting ahold of the authentication code in case of a registrar transfer, both we and others are absolutely dependent on being able to reach a contact person for the domain. If we do not get in contact, the domain name can be at risk of deletion. In turn this may cause that others can register the domain and misuse company names, product names and brands. In other words, it is in your interest that the information is correct.

What does it cost to change information?

Norid does not invoice the registrar for changes to information. However, you can expect the registrar to invoice you for the work involved.

Last updated 19 September 2016