Renew a domain

A domain name must be renewed once a year. It is the registrar who renews the domain name for you, usually without you having to request this.

How your domain name is renewed

  1. Your domain subscription normally expires one year after the last renewal, but the period may be shorter. Ask your registrar about when your subscription(s) expire.
  2. The registrar renews the domain name registration and pays the annual fee to us.
  3. You get an invoice for the annual fee and possible additional costs from the registrar.
  4. Your domain name registration remains valid, normally for one year from the date when it was renewed.

Your responsibility

Even if the registrar does the job, you as the domain name holder are responsible for renewal of your domain. And also you are the one who get the trouble if something happens to your domain.

You may experience to receive a notice saying that your domain has not been renewed, even if you have paid the annual fee. Then you will have to contact your registrar immediately and tell him to renew your domain. Eventually you may contact a new registrar and ask him to transfer your domain to him.

What happens if the domain name is not renewed?

If the registrar does not renew your domain name, you receive a warning from us that your domain is at risk of deletion. If you want to keep the domain, you must contact your registrar soonest and ask him to renew it.

What does it cost to renew your domain name?

The registrar is charged for an annual fee for each renewal, either the period is one full year or shorter. However, the registrar is free to set the price for his services to you as a customer. The prices therefore vary between the registrars.

Last updated 2015 or before