What is a registrar (domain provider)?

A registrar is a business who has an agreement with Norid on offering services related to domain names. The registrar helps you with your domain name application, and with further follow-up of your subscription.

Around 350 enterprises have an agreement to provide registrar operations for .no. This means that they have the right to submit applications and updates on behalf of domain name applicants and holders. The registrars compete with each other with regard to prices and the services they provide.

You always contact your registrar if you have questions about your domain. It is not possible to register or make changes directly with us.

Registrars are not required to be Internet providers, but they must ensure that the technical services they offer are of adequate quality.

How to change your registrar

You simply contact another registrar from our list and ask him to move your domain to him.

What you can expect of the registrar?

Different registrars relate to their customers in different ways, depending on their business model and arrangements for customer contact. The registrars’ contract with us however imposes a number of requirements for the way they conduct their business in relation both to you and to us.

Domain supplier
The registrar submits applications and updates on behalf of applicants and holders. He therefore has a responsibility to remain informed about the domain name policy, as well as about payment terms and other routines.

Advisor and guide
The registrar is supposed to act as your advisor and guide when you want to apply for a domain name or have questions about your subscription. He helps you to fill in and submit the necessary forms, and must inform you about your rights and obligations according to the domain name policy.

Responsible for billing
The registrar bills you for the registration fee, holder change fee and the annual fee for the domain. He pays a fixed fee to us for each domain for which he is registrar, but is however free to set his own price for his services to you as a customer. Prices may therefore vary between the registrars.

If problems occur…

You may for some reason wish to change to another registrar. Then you simply contact another registrar on our list and ask him to transfer your domain to his firm.

If the registrar does not comply with the registrar agreement, for example by not paying his bills, we may in worst case be forced to terminate the agreement. In this case, as the domain name holder, you will be informed about the situation in good time so that you can find a new registrar.

You have probably got an agreement with your registrar. We cannot step in and evaluate your agreement if a dispute should occur.

Find the registrar for your domain name

You find the registrar for your domain name in our domain database.

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