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Here you will find a more detailed description of the kind of data that is collected when ordering a personal ID, why the data is collected and how the data is processed and secured. You must read the information and confirm that you accept that Norid can store your name and national identity number (fødselsnummer).

About the service

Norid’s service for establishing a personal ID (PID) is a tool which collects and checks the necessary data. Provided that you are 18 years of age and a resident of Norway, you will get a personal ID. You use this when you apply for a private domain name at Norid, or if you want to make changes to a domain name you have registered previously.

Why a personal identification?

The domain name policy requires all private domain name holders to be uniquely identified. One of the reasons behind this is that we have to know how many domains each holder has registered. We must also be able to assist the legal system if there are conflicts about a domain.

The identification must be unique, so there is no doubt about who has control of the domain. To do this we need your full name and national identity number (11 digits). We check the information against the National Registry and the domain name policy for private domain names.

The Data Inspectorate has given Norid permission to collect and store this information. When you apply for a domain name, the application has to go through a registrar. The personal ID lets you do this without having to give the registrar your national identity number (fødselsnummer). The
registrar will therefore not see your national identity number, only the personal ID.

Only a few, carefully selected employees at Norid can see the national identity number behind a registration. Your national identity number will not be distributed to anyone, unless they have a court decision or a legal warrant which gives them the right to this information.

It is voluntary to supply the information we ask for, but it is necessary in order to apply for a private domain at Norid.

Collecting, storing and publishing data

Norid collects and stores your full name as registered in the National Registry, your national identity number (fødselsnummer) and your personal identification in a local and tightly secured database. When you want to apply for a domain you have to state your name, address and personal ID. These will be published in a separate database, whois, but your national identity number will never be published.

The collection of data is done with permission from the Data Inspectorate and the National Registry.

Deleting data

If you have received a personal ID and not used it within 6 months, Norid will delete your personal data. You then have to come back to this service and get a new personal ID before you can apply for a domain name.

Processing of information in Norid’s database

We have a published a separate document, where we describe in more detail how organization and person data is collected, stored, processed and published. This document also describes the rules and regulations for usage of this data by third parties.

About Norid

The data processor for this service is UNINETT Norid AS, Norid for short. Norid runs the .no registry and maintains the database for all Internet domains under .no. The service is regulated by the Domain Name Regulations and is supervised by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority. Norid is not a public administrative agency, and the allocation of domain names is based on private law rules.

Published: 16 January 2015
Updated: 17 June 2019