Phone numbers as domain names, ENUM

 This is an archive page. The ENUM project was formally terminated on 31 December 2016.

A national ENUM test project was started in November 2005. The intention is to examine the interest to establish a permanent ENUM service in Norway. The test project is run by Norid in cooperation with The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (PT). ENUM domains are registered within a separate domain (, not within .no.

ENUM is a standard which describes how phone numbers can be registered as domain names in the Domain Name System (DNS). ENUM links a phone number to a host machine or to resources on the Internet, which can make a connection to the ordinary telephone network.

The two main areas for use of ENUM have until now been Voice over IP, VoIP, and Voice Protocol for Internet Mail, VPIM. VoIP opens for telephone calls over the Internet instead of using the regular phone network. VPIM is used by voice mail systems to exchange messages over IP networks. Other areas of use can be Internet fax and Instant Messaging.

The ENUM project is not intended to be a permanent service, and applicants can not expect to keep their ENUM registrations beyond the project period.


Last updated 18 January 2017