Trust is essential for all parts of society and crucial to keep democracy working. What does it do to our trust when we don't know what and whom to trust, when the giants sell our personal data, when well protected passwords go astray and when the world is ruled on Twitter?
En person surfer på mobilen sin, og er ikke oppmerksom på alle de dataene som flyter inn og ut mens hen surfer. Persondata plukkes som epler av anonyme, dresskledde dataplukkere, og diskréte kamera titter hen over skulderen - hva får de med seg?

Nasjonalt internettforum 2019 (The National Internet Forum) focuses the spotlight on the possibilities, pitfalls and dilemmas of the internet, as seen from political, legal and philosophical perspectives.

Mark Wednesday 20 November 2019 in your calendar. We will publish the program and open up the registration by the end of September.
The conference will be held at Clarion Hotell Oslo, right next to Oslo C. and Barcode.