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Press release from Norid

All Norwegian under .no

In February 2004 Norid will be able to accept the first applications for domain names with all Norwegian spelling. During the transition period allocation of names will be effected by a draw among applications containing the same name. At the same time the number of domain names for one organisation will be raised from 15 to 20.

Starting Monday February 9th at 10:00 a.m., Norid will accept applications for domain names with national characters. The new set of characters will cover all official Norwegian written languages, that is bokmål, nynorsk, nordsamisk (North Sámi), sørsamisk (South Sámi) and lulesamisk (Lule Sámi). It will include 23 new characters in addition to the standard characters a-z, 0-9 and hyphen.

Up until Friday February 13th at 16:00 p.m., all applications with national characters will be accepted and put to the side. After that date no further applications will be accepted. Then on Monday February 16th, the Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority will carry out a draw to determine the sequence in which applications for the same name will be processed. Norid will then process the applications in the order decided. The system will open for ordinary receipt of applications on Wednesday February 18th at 10:00 a.m.. These will be processed according to the ordinary regulations of first come first served.

No right of priority

No one will have a right of priority to domain names written with Norwegian characters, just like no one has such rights to domain names with standard characters only. During the transition period allocation will be carried out by a draw among applications containing the same name. There will be no opportunity to book special names.

The draw will be carried out by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority.

Except from a few cases, applications for domain names containing standard characters only will be processed as usual during the closing period as well.

Why national characters?

As the Internet has become more and more important for the society, domain names have got an even stronger connection to names and brands. With the addition of national characters in domain names, local names and expressions may be used with correct Norwegian spelling. This possibility has been missed by many enterprises in Norway.

It is important to underline that this opens a possibility, on the other hand no one is obliged to have a domain name containing national characters. So far domain names containing standard characters only are more stable. Those who choose domain names with national characters are therefore recommended to add a standard character version of the same name.

Start-up trouble

The new domain names will not be as useful as domain names containing standard characters only. As the domain name system is international, it will necessarily raise problems to exchange addresses containing national characters. All characters can not be entered from all key boards, and a certain amount of software – both mail clients and browsers – are not yet developed to handle national characters in the addresses. An all Norwegian domain name, e.g. blåbærsyltetø, may therefore appear as an unreadable text string in some contexts. For this reason Norid recommends those who choose a domain name containg national characters to add a standard character version of the name as well.

– Allthough there will be some limitations in the use of domain names containing national characters, this offer will give new possibilities when it comes to local branding. Towards local markets it may be of some importance to write a domain name the correct Norwegian way, Hilde M. Thunem, Norid’s Department Manager, comments.

Raise of name quote

A consequence of this regulation change is that the number of domain names each organisation can register will be raised from 15 to 20. Some other regulations are changed at the same time.

Applications are sent to a registrar as usual. The registrars should help applicants to prepare the application and then send it to Norid for processing. Also according to the new regulations the applicant of a domain name is responsible to make sure the name does not conflict with Norwegian laws or violates the rights of a third party.

More information:

About Norid and UNINETT

The UNINETT group supplies advanced Internet to research and education and has responsibility for the development, operation, co-ordination and standardisation of network solutions. UNINETT is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

The group consists of a parent company, UNINETT AS, and three subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are UNINETT ABC AS which supports the Norwegian school sector with the development of stable and reliable network solutions, UNINETT FAS AS which develops and operates joint administration systems for universities and polytechnics, and UNINETT Norid AS. The parent company, UNINETT AS, develops and operates the Norwegian research network, which links together Norwegian educational and research institutions and connects them into an international network.

The UNINETT group is one of Norway’s most advanced network environments and has international activity both via research projects and standardisation work in IETF. In addition to the 57 permanent employees, there are a considerable number of students and professionals from the entire university and polytechnic sector at any time connected to the company through project related work.

The subsidiary UNINETT Norid is the registry for the .no domain. Norid manages the top-level domain .no with the understanding of the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority. The task also includes to keep the name service technically operable in order to get the Norwegian Internet globally accessable at any time. The subsidiary has 10 employees.

Total sales in the UNINETT group in 2002 were NOK 135 million.

About Norid:

UNINETT Norid AS - Norid for short - runs the registry for Norwegian domain names. All domains directly under .no are registered with us. In addition to processing applications we develop the domain name policy according to the needs of society. We are also responsible for the technical operation and development of associated services. In addition we handle other national tasks related to our core activities.

In order to develop and adapt the rules for allocating domain names, we co-operate with various stakeholders. We also take social responsibility by working to keep the domain name system reliable and robust, and to ensure that it is governed in an open and democratic way.

The service is regulated by the Domain Name Regulations and is supervised by the Norwegian Communications Authority (the former Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority). Norid is not a public administrative agency, and the allocation of domain names is based on private law. We are a neutral party, and the business is run non-profit. Norid is a subsidiary in the UNINETT Group.

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