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Half a million Norwegian domain names

(Trondheim, 4 January 2011): Yesterday Linge Holding AS registered as the 500 000th domain in Norid’s database. Like most Norwegian businesses, they chose .no. mirrors both the company name and the owner’s family name, as well as a nod to Norwegian history.

They chose to register within .no to signal that the company is Norwegian and operates in the Norwegian market. – A .no domain name makes us appear more serious as a business, and in my experience there are less problems with .no domains than with those within .com, says Arnfinn E. Linge, Managing Director of Linge Holding AS.

Online identity

A domain name is an investment in the future. Even today, a domain name can be linked to many services, like websites, blogs and email, and the holder can switch between ISPs without needing to change her or his address.

– The Internet is in continuous development, and a domain name gives the user something permanent he can associate his services with. The domain name represents the holder’s online identity. It is also used in promotion, on business vards and as a brand name, says Managing Director of UNINETT Norid AS, Hilde M. Thunem.

Resilient infrastructure

The system with IP addresses and domain names was established in the early 1980s and is still in use. The infrastructure has proven to be very resilient and with a few necessary upgrades, it has managed to handle the enormous increase in computers and IP addresses on the Internet.

Today there are roughly one billion computers that are connected to the Internet with their own address, and the number keeps increasing. All indicators show that the underlying infrastructure with IP addresses will keep up, and that domain names will continue to be important.

Norway in the lead

The growth in domain names has been formidable also in Norway. After passing 1000 registered .no domain names in 1995, the curve rose abruptly, and it took only two years to increase the number of domain names from 400,000 in September 2008 to 500,000 today. Norway is one of the top level domains in Europe that has the highest number of domain names per citizen.

There is still a high growth among businesses and other professional users. – In addittion, we are now looking at solutions for private individuals. In the plethora of platforms and social media, a domain name can be a useful hub with links to the various services people use, Thunem says.

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Managing Director Hilde M. Thunem,, phone +47 414 49 885
Senior Adviser Elisabeth Farstad,, phone +47 971 29 423

About Norid:

UNINETT Norid AS - Norid for short - runs the registry for Norwegian domain names. All domains directly under .no are registered with us. In addition to processing applications we develop the domain name policy according to the needs of society. We are also responsible for the technical operation and development of associated services. In addition we handle other national tasks related to our core activities.

In order to develop and adapt the rules for allocating domain names, we co-operate with various stakeholders. We also take social responsibility by working to keep the domain name system reliable and robust, and to ensure that it is governed in an open and democratic way.

The service is regulated by the Domain Name Regulations and is supervised by the Norwegian Communications Authority (the former Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority). Norid is not a public administrative agency, and the allocation of domain names is based on private law. We are a neutral party, and the business is run non-profit. Norid is a subsidiary in the UNINETT Group.

Last updated 15 February 2017