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Norwegian companies can get 100 domain names each

(Trondheim, 19 October 2011:) Several organizations have a need for more than 20 domain names. As of 30 November, each organization may register up to 100 domain names.

The majority of Norwegian companies can manage with one or a few domain names, but several large companies, private as well as public, have reached their limit, and need to register more than 20 names under the Norwegian top level domain.

Real needs

– We have received clear indications that some have a real need for more domain names, and have considered how we can solve this, says Hilde Thunem, Managing Director at UNINETT Norid AS.

The quota is first and foremost meant to limit speculations and hoarding of domain names. Internet addresses are a limited resource, and it is important that new applicants have access to good names. For some, however, this limitation has created problems.

Difficult considerations

– It is difficult to find a solution to this question which is in the best interest of both the majority and minority, but the advice we have received from various interest organizations, is that we should raise the quota, says Thunem. She adds that some of these have had internal discussions in order to reach a decision, but that all have concluded that the quota should be raised.

To limit possible unfortunate effects of the increase, the complaint procedure will be changed so that a domain holder who loses a complaint in the dispute resolution body, must cover the complaint fee himself.

The change will be effective from 30 November at 10.00 am.

More information (in Norwegian only):

Managing Director Hilde M. Thunem,, phone +47 414 49 885
Senior Adviser Elisabeth Farstad,, phone +47 971 29 423

About Norid:

UNINETT Norid AS - Norid for short - runs the registry for Norwegian domain names. All domains directly under .no are registered with us. In addition to processing applications we develop the domain name policy according to the needs of society. We are also responsible for the technical operation and development of associated services. In addition we handle other national tasks related to our core activities.

In order to develop and adapt the rules for allocating domain names, we co-operate with various stakeholders. We also take social responsibility by working to keep the domain name system reliable and robust, and to ensure that it is governed in an open and democratic way.

The service is regulated by the Domain Name Regulations and is supervised by the Norwegian Communications Authority (the former Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority). Norid is not a public administrative agency, and the allocation of domain names is based on private law. We are a neutral party, and the business is run non-profit. Norid is a subsidiary in the UNINETT Group.

Last updated 15 February 2017