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.no for everyone

(Trondheim, 6 June 2014) Starting on 17 June, everyone in Norway can register their own domain name directly within .no. On this date .no is opened for private individuals.

A domain name is useful for everybody, including private individuals. It can be used to set up websites and blogs, not to mention email addresses. With your own domain, you can be sure to have the same email address for the rest of your life, regardless of whether you change employer or Internet provider.

Initiating with a draw

The first applications from private individuals can be entered on 17 June 2014 at 10 AM local time. Everyone should have an equal opportunity when the allocations begin. This means that during a transitional period, we will collect applications and draw lots in the cases where more than one person applies for the same domain name. The draw will be closed 18 June at 4 pm local time. After the draw, applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.

It is smart to prepare the application beforehand, by for instance checking what domains are available.

.no means quality

– A Norwegian domain name is stable and among the most secure in the world. We are very pleased to extend this service to private individuals, says Hege Ossletten, Acting Managing Director of Norid.

No priority

There will not be any priorities on private domain names. This means that anyone can apply for any name. The person registering a name must, however, ensure that the name isn’t in violation of Norwegian law or a third party’s rights.

More information:

Contact persons:
Managing Director Hege Ossletten,, phone +47 993 65 882
Senior Advisor Elisabeth Farstad,, phone +47 971 29 423

About Norid:

UNINETT Norid AS - Norid for short - runs the registry for Norwegian domain names. All domains directly under .no are registered with us. In addition to processing applications we develop the domain name policy according to the needs of society. We are also responsible for the technical operation and development of associated services. In addition we handle other national tasks related to our core activities.

In order to develop and adapt the rules for allocating domain names, we co-operate with various stakeholders. We also take social responsibility by working to keep the domain name system reliable and robust, and to ensure that it is governed in an open and democratic way.

The service is regulated by the Domain Name Regulations and is supervised by the Norwegian Communications Authority (the former Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority). Norid is not a public administrative agency, and the allocation of domain names is based on private law. We are a neutral party, and the business is run non-profit. Norid is a subsidiary in the UNINETT Group.

Last updated 15 February 2017