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How many Norwegian domain names are there? How many new domain names are registered and how many are deleted? Who are the biggest registrars for Norwegian domain names? On this page you can find statistics about the Norwegian domain marked.

Statistics about domain names

Number of domain names under .no

854 739

Number of domains last 24 hours


Number of domain names under .no

Since 17 March 1987 .no has been the national top level domain for Norway. In 1989 the database consisted of 19 domain names. In 1995 the number had increased to more than 1000 domain names and in year 2000 we exceeded  50,000 registered Norwegian domain names. In 2020 we exceeded 800,000.

Development in the number of new registrations of domain names

The graph shows the development in the number of new registrations of domain names per year from 1999 until today. Three conditions may have impacted the numbers. In February 2001 some big changes were made to the terms and conditions. Each holder could now order more than one domain name, and did not need to document rights to the name. In February 2004 it became possible to register domain names with national characters (æ, ø, å and some other characters). In June 2014 private individuals were permitted to register domain names directly under .no (previously they could only register under ‘

Domain names secured with DNSSEC

DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is a security mechanism that is added to the domain name system. With DNSSEC the response to a domain inquiry is signed in a way that makes it possible to check that the response is from the right source and has not been changed on the way. DNSSEC was introduced on the Norwegian marked in December 2014.

Share of domain names secured with DNSSEC

Number of domain names secured with DNSSEC

517 877

Who are the holders of domain names?

Type of holders

Both organizations and private individuals can register Norwegian domain names. Each organization can have up to 100 domain names directly under .no, private individuals can have up to 5.

Statistics about registrars

The ten largest registrars for Norwegian domain names