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This memorandum specifies the guidelines for amendments to Appendix A.

Adding new names

Whether new names should be reserved, or their registration should be prohibited, is subject to ongoing assessment. These might be new generic domains, for example, if a new category of enterprise should emerge along the lines of ANS ("ansvarlig selskap", a general partnership with mutual liability) or AS ("aksjeselskap", a limited-liability company); new geographical names, for example if new municipalities are created; new technical names in connection with the establishment of new services; and so on.

If names which may be relevant emerge, an assessment is undertaken in consultation with Norid's advisory body (Norpol) and the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) of whether these names fulfil the requirements for inclusion in one of the categories in Appendix A. Norid may temporarily prohibit the names until a decision has been made. Notice of the decision that the names are to be added to Appendix A is given in the normal way, although for practical reasons the names will also be blocked during the notice period.

The addition of new names to the prohibited/reserved list will not have retroactive effect. This means that names that have already been registered will not be removed even if they are added to the list. If the name is deleted later, new registration of the name will however be blocked. Such names cannot be transferred to a new domain name holder either.

Taking names into use or removing names

Names that are prohibited

Every year, Norid carries out an assessment of whether these names should still be prohibited or should be removed from Appendix A. Any changes are discussed with Norpol and Nkom, which can also take the initiative to propose changes.

Names that are reserved

Every year, Norid carries out an assessment of whether these names should still be reserved, should be taken into use or should be removed from Appendix A. Any changes are discussed with Norpol and Nkom, which can also take the initiative to propose changes.

A set of guidelines applies to all the names that are in use in the geographical name tree: The prohibited subdomain www may be registered under the geographical domain of a local entity that represents the area named by the domain. The official names of Norway are also regarded as geographical names, although there are no plans to include them in the geographical name tree. Instead of permitting registration of the prohibited subdomain www, the entity that represents the area - that is, the Norwegian government - is permitted to register these domains.

Process for taking names from the appendix into use or removing names from the appendix

Take a name into use:
Names that are taken into use, for example because they are incorporated in the geographical name tree, keep their status as prohibited or reserved after they are registered. The names can therefore not be transferred to another party.
Removing a name:
In all transitions to an amended domain name policy, Norid has followed a principle of not giving any party preferential rights. This has been done both because it is very difficult to decide which criteria should determine preferential rights, and because in its domain name policy Norid expressly does not undertake any evaluation of issues concerning rights. In consultation with Norpol, Norid has decided that this principle is to apply when a name is removed from Appendix A. The actual selection of the transitional mechanism - first come, first served or drawing lots - is primarily a practical choice that depends on the volume of applications anticipated as a result of the change.

Phasing out of names that are reserved based on national considerations

Even though numeric domains have no particular association to telephone numbers, telephone numbers used as national emergency numbers or the equivalent are regarded as a special case in which society has a strong interest in avoiding confusion and misuse with the resulting consequences for life and health. The category is being phased out, with 13 June 2012 as the end date.

Because of the special status of these names, during the phasing-out period they can only be registered by the institution specified in Appendix A. Names that are registered during this period are removed in succession from Appendix A and after this have no special status. Names that remain when the phasing-out period is over will be removed from Appendix A in accordance with the normal process.

Published: 30 September 2011
Updated: 14 December 2016