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The purpose of the domain name policy of .no is to ensure that the administration and allocation of domain names are conducted in a way that serves the interests of the Norwegian Internet community.

As the use of the Internet in Norway has grown, this community de facto encompasses the entire Norwegian society. If the needs of the Internet community changes, the domain name policy of .no can be changed as well. Norid, the registry for .no, is legally responsible for the domain name policy, and administrates any changes.

How do you make a proposal?

You may make a request for change in the domain name policy of .no to, or by post to:

Norid AS
Postboks 4769 Torgarden
NO-7465 Trondheim

The further prosess

When Norid recieves your request, it will be processed to determine if it should lead to a change in the domain name policy. The prosedure is as follows:

  • 1
    To make a change in the domain name policy, Norid must have received strong enough signals to assume that there is a real need for a change. If your request is the only one on this topic, we will save it until we've received more signals. If the proposed change already has been subjected to a change process, Norid will study the conclusion from the previous process to determine whether this issue will be re-evaluated.
  • 2
    Assuming a need for change has been indicated, Norid acts as a secretariat. Relevant background material is collected before the issue is analysed and possible solutions
    examined. The consequences of the various solutions must be carefully considered
  • 3
    The Domain Regulations state that before significant changes to the domain name policy are implemented, input must be gathered from the users’ representatives
    and the government. The more significant the change, or the more people who are touched by it, the more extensive the process of obtaining input must be. As a minimum, the proposal is presented to Norpol for advice and input. At the other end of the scale is a formal public consultation where any interested party may respond.
  • 4
    After Norid has received all input, it must be summarised and analysed. When making the decision, Norid does its utmost to balance the interests of the various groups to ensure the domain name policy takes into account all parties to the extent possible while also complying with the requirements of the Domain Regulations. Finally Norid, as the organisation legally responsible for the domain name policy, makes the decision on what (if any) changes will be made, and prepares an amended domain name policy for .no.
  • 5
    When a change has been decided upon, Norid must announce it and implement it. As a main rule the information about the planned change must be made public before the change is implemented. The Norwegian Communications Authority, Norid's registrars and Norpol are always informed of all changes to the domain name policy. In addition information is published on Norid's web site.

    For major changes press releases are sent out and advertisements are placed in the major newspapers in Norway informing about the changes.
  • 6
    First, Norid has to decide on how the domain name policy change shall be implemented in the registration system. The introduction of the change into the domain name policy is then handled via a transition process. This process can be very simple or fairly complicated depending on what kind of change is being made.

The complete procedure for how the domain name policy of .no is changed.

Published: 6 October 2015
Updated: 11 September 2020