Strategy 2017–2021

Strategic goals

.no will be the obvious first choice

We will:

  • ensure that it is easy to register and keep a Norwegian domain name
  • ensure that the domain name policy meets the needs of the Norwegian society
  • work with the registrars to increase the value of .no
  • ensure the continued trust in the high quality of .no

Norid will operate important national infrastructure of high quality

We will:

  • provide efficient and functional services
  • be one of the leading registries with regard to robustness and security
  • maintain a high quality on our registered data

Norid will operate efficiently

We will:

  • focus on our core tasks
  • have a healthy economy with sufficient resources to keep .no secure
  • identify needs for changes at an early stage and be flexible
  • keep a competent staff who sees the big picture

Norid will contribute to development of the Internet

We will:

  • maintain a good and stable relationship with Norwegian authorities
  • maintain a good dialogue with different interest groups in society
  • contribute our expertise on domain names to national Internet development
  • promote Norway’s interests internationally in co-operation with Norwegian authorities, primarily through ICANN and CENTR

Norid will be the Norwegian centre of expertise on DNS and domain names

We will:

  • be Norway’s most competent DNS (Domain Name System) expertise
  • be an impartial source of information about domain name issues and development within this field
  • participate internationally in development and research on the DNS og DNS infrastructure

The strategic goals supplement each other, and it will be neccessary to prioritize and balance them. In particular, the goal on efficient operations must be balanced against extensive ambitions within the other fields.

The top priority for Norid is goal no. 1: The .no domain should be the obvious choice for everyone in Norway. In addition, we will focus on the operation of important national infrastructure and on efficient operations, as these activities make up the core of our mandate as a registry.

For goals 4 and 5, we have greater leeway in chosing our level of activity. As both areas are extensive, we will select some areas and activitites to emphasize, and target resources for these.

Strategic plan 2012-2016 (in Norwegian) (file size 444 KB PDF)

Last updated 3 January 2017