Strategy 2017–2021

Strategic goals

Norid will operate important national infrastructure of high quality

  • We provide functional services with high quality data
  • We operate efficiently to keep .no competitive
  • We contribute to a more secure Norwegian Internet infrastructure, and are one of the leading registries with regard to robustness

.no shall be the natural first choice in Norway

  • We shall strengthen the Norwegian identity related to .no, and the reputation of .no as a quality top-level domain
  • We ensure that the domain name policy meets the needs of the Norwegian society
  • Norwegian domain names shall be easy to register and use
  • We collaborate with relevant public and private entities to provide information on domain name issues

Norid will contribute to the development of the Internet

  • We contribute to relevant discussions in our role as the Norwegian centre of expertise on DNS and domain names
  • We promote Norwegian interests internationally in co-operation with Norwegian authorities
  • We collaborate with relevant civil and public society actors in Norway on common challenges

Strategiplan 2017–2021 (filstørrelse 53 KB PDF) (in Norwegian only, English version pending)

Last updated 10 April 2017