Domain name policy for .no

Appendix G: Applicant’s declaration

Note: This translation is provided solely for information. Only the Norwegian declaration is legally valid.

This declaration together with the regulations in force at any given time, constitutes the contract between UNINETT Norid AS, in the following referred to as Norid, and the domain holder. Upon signing the declaration, the domain holder commits to the terms and conditions for registering a .no domain name.

The applicant (holder) hereby declares that registration and/or use of the domain name

  • does not conflict with applicable regulations, cf.
  • does not, as far as the holder is aware, infringe on third-party registered or unregistered rights to the name
  • does not conflict with Norwegian or international law
  • does not unfairly represent any relation to any public administrative agency or authority

The holder consents to

  • any complaints against the applicant’s registration being processed by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee in accordance with the provisions and procedures that follow from applicable regulations, as well as to participating in the complaint process and complying with the committee’s decision;
  • keep up to date on any changes in terms and conditions via and adhere to the regulations in force at any given time;
  • Norid having the power to rescind a registered domain name if it becomes clear that its registration is in violation of the terms specified in this declaration or otherwise conflicts with applicable regulations or the intentions behind the regulations; and
  • contact information and registration dates for the domain name being made available on the Internet, such as through Norid’s whois database. Access may also be given via other Internet technology

The holder has informed themself of the requirements associated with registration and use of domain names, as laid down in applicable regulations. The holder is aware of their obligations and rights regarding the registration and use of domain names within .no.

Norid is not liable to the holder for any direct or indirect damage or loss deriving from the registrar’s processing of the application. The holder hereby agrees that Norid cannot be held liable to the holder for any direct or indirect damage or loss deriving from errors or interruptions of service on the part of Norid when the error or interruption of service was caused by conditions or circumstances beyond Norid’s control.

The current version is 2.0, dated 21.08.2012.

Last updated 23 March 2016