Norpol is the policy advisory board for the .no domain. Norpol has representatives from the private sector, the government, the Internet industry, consumer authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

The board has the following members:

Den Norske Dataforening, Norpol spokesperson Andre Eidskrem
The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD) Anine Ung
The Norwegian Consumer Council Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad
IKT-Norge Torgeir Waterhouse
ISOC Norway Alf Hansen
LO (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions) Lars Christian Fjeldstad
NHO (The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises) Fredrik Mohn Lian
The Norwegian Patent Office Karine Lutnæs Aigner
The Norwegian Communications Authority Ørnulf Storm
The Norwegian Communications Authority Elise Lindeberg
The Registrar Association Dot Enno Benny Samuelsen

Additionally Annebeth B. Lange from Norid attends as legal adviser and observer, and Hilde Thunem and Unni Solås, Norid, function as the secretariat for the policy advisory board.

Last updated 10 April 2018