New prices and new price model

Registration fee

It has become cheaper every year to register .no domain names. As of March 1st the price will be reduced again, from 250 NOK to 200 NOK. This price also includes the annual fee for the first year. Norid runs the registration service on a self financing basis. An assessment has showed that there is room to reduce prices, and thus revenue, without harming the efficiency.

Annual fee

The annual fee has to be paid for all registered domains. The invoice for this fee is sent to the billing contact for the domain. It is an advantage for Norid to send one invoice for several domains to the same billing-contact, for instance a registrar. Subscribers who choose to pay this way, will get a bigger discount as of April 1st. The discount will depend on how many domains can be put on one invoice. At the same time the fee for domains which are invoiced separately will be a bit more expensive.

The new scale for annual fees will be:

Antall domener Price per domain
1-5 NOK 125,-
6-19 NOK 80,-
20-99 NOK 70,-
100-499 NOK 60,-
500 and more NOK 50,-
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Last updated 2015 or before