Oppdatering av regelverket ved overgang til nytt registreringssystem

New requirements for the category second-level domains

Applicants within the category domains have until now been required to document their rights to the domain names they wish to register. They have not been required to provide an organization number from Norway’s Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities [Enhetsregisteret]. These requirements will now be changed to comply with the rest of the .no domain name policy.

Starting on 4 October, the applicants within the category second-level domains must provide an organization number. They no longer have to document rights to the domain name they wish to register.

Organizations that belong in these categories are often subunits below regular organizations, and not independent in their own right. Subunits may now register domains names within the relevant categories, even if they cannot otherwise register .no domain names.

Old appendix C
New appendix C

IPv6 is no longer a test arrangement

At the introduction of the new registry system, the registration of hosts that also have IPv6-adresses becomes a regular operation. Appendix F is updated accordingly.

Old text:
Accessible name servers
Name servers must be permanently connected to the Internet, and must have a permanently assigned (fixed) IP address.

New text:
Accessible name servers
Name servers must be permanently connected to the Internet, and must have a permanently assigned (fixed) IPv4 address. The name servers may also have a IPv6 adress, and this too must be permanently assigned as required for the IPv4 address. The name servers must be connected to a stable and reliable infra structure.

New clause 10 regarding change of registrar

In the new registry system, the registrar has more room to act on behalf of the customer. This means that it becomes even more vital for the domain name holder to stay on top of the process when his domain is transferred between registrars. A new clause in the domain name policy sets the requirements for this process:

10. Change of registrar

10.1 The domain name is independent of registrars or other service providers, and the holder may freely transfer it to a new registrar or other service provider without changing the domain name. The holder may request that the registrar should set an authentication code on the domain. This code must be provided if the holder later changes registrar.

10.2 Upon a transfer, the old registrar is obliged to give the authentication code to the domain holder within 5 working days.

10.3 Norid confirms the transfer to both registrars, and also sends a confirmation email to the domain’s legal contact.

10.4 If a registrar withdraws from a domain, the domain is transferred to an “empty” registrar. Norid notifies the domain’s legal contact by email, and the authentication code is deleted. The same is true for any domains managed by a registrar whose registrar contract is terminated.

10.5 Clause 7 applies correspondingly.

Other updates

The word transfer is substituted with change of holder/holder change when appropriate to avoid confusion.

The new registry system does not communicate with the registrars via email, and the domain name policy is updated accordingly.

The registration fee for change of holder is introduced as notified on 2 August. Information listed in the registrar agreement is removed from the policy, and the price document becomes a proper appendix (appendix K) to the domain name policy.

The policy as of 4 October 2010 (Norwegian only)
Old price document
Revised price document (appendix K) Click here to view the domain name policy active before this change

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