Registrar agreement

NB! The agreement text is published for information only. Organisations who wish to become registrars can send an e-mail to Two copies of the agreement will be sent by mail. After signing, these must be returned to UNINETT Norid AS, and are considered as an application for becoming a registrar. Only the original agreement sent by mail is valid as a contract for registrars.





(“the Registrar”)


Norid is the registry for the .no domain, and manages the registration of domain names under the top-level domain .no, as well as various generic domains and geographic domains. Norid has according to the Domain Regulation undertaken to manage the top-level domain in the interests of the Internet community and in accordance with the regulations that apply to the .no domain at any time. The regulations are available to the public at

On behalf of an applicant, a registrar submits an application to register a domain name under the domains that Norid manages. An applicant is a party who according to the regulations may apply for a domain name under .no, and who wishes to use the domain name in his own right. A subscriber is an applicant who has registered a domain name under one of the domains that Norid manages.

The registrar is an intermediary between Norid and the applicants/subscribers, and shall help to ensure that registration and operation of the domain name system take place in an appropriate and efficient way and in compliance with the regulations. The registrar’s role is to provide assistance for applications for registration of domain names and for subsequent changes of registered information associated with a domain name. The registrar shall act on behalf of an applicant or subscriber. The registrar shall also inform applicants about their rights and duties and about the regulations in effect for a domain name under the domains that Norid manages. The registrar’s role is described in more detail in the rest of this document.

Requirements for the registrar

The registrar shall be an enterprise or an organization that Norid at all times regards as having adequate technical and administrative resources to assist Norid and to provide good service to applicants and subscribers.

The registrar shall fulfil the following basic requirements:

  • be a legal unit with a responsible board/management
  • have his own domain
  • receive and reply to e-mail from Norid
  • have contact persons and up-to-date contact information as described in Item 3.1
  • have a certain minimum activity level per year as a registrar, as specified in the regulations

(Organisation name)
(Organisation number)
(Telephone number)
(Fax number)
(E-mail address)

This agreement governs the relationship between Norid and the registrar regarding applications for registration of domain names and changes of registered information.

1. Scope of the agreement

The agreement gives the registrar the right to submit applications for registration of domain names on behalf of the applicant. In addition, the agreement gives the registrar the right to submit notification about a change of registered information on behalf of a party that subscribes to a domain name registered with Norid. The agreement does not mean that Norid hands over or renounces any part of its right to handle registration and management of domain names to the registrar.

The agreement does not entail cooperation in any other way or in fields other than those explicitly specified in the agreement. The agreement thus does not entail establishment of any joint operation or cooperative or corporate structure.

The agreement does not grant rights to any employee, owner or other persons or companies that are in any way related to one of the parties, since it is only the legal person that acts as a party and that is explicitly specified in the agreement as the party that holds rights under the agreement.

The agreement gives the registrar the right, on behalf of applicants, to register and renew domain names up to a number corresponding to a total registration fee and annual fee of NOK 10,000 per month. If the registrar wishes to raise this limit temporarily or permanently, a separate agreement about this must be made.

The right and the duties that the registrar has under the agreement may not be transferred to others.

2. Deposit

By entering into this contract, the registrar undertakes to pay a one-time fee of NOK 5,000 to Norid, as well as the deposit of NOK 10,000.

Norid can use the deposit to cover payment when an invoice is not paid by the due date. The registrar must pay in the amount that is then necessary to restore the deposit amount to NOK 10,000. When the agreement ends, the deposit functions as security for expenses resulting from any missing declaration forms and unpaid invoices. After any unpaid invoices have been paid and the expenses of collecting missing declaration forms have been covered, the amount that remains shall be repaid to the registrar. Norid does not pay interest on the deposit.

The one-time fee is not repaid.

3. The registrar’s duties and responsibilities

3.1 Contact persons

The registrar shall have a legal contact person, a billing contact person and a technical contact person. If desired, a role or function (for example, hostmaster) can be specified instead of a person as the billing contact and technical contact. The registrar undertakes to ensure that the associated contact information is up to date at all times.

3.2 Correspondence

All messages to Norid’s automatic application-processing system shall be authenticated by the registrar through the use of agreed keys or passwords. The registrar is himself responsible for ensuring that the signature key or password is not compromised. The expenses involved in establishing and changing the signature key or password must be covered by the registrar.

3.3 Administrative procedures

The registrar is obliged to comply with the regulations in effect at any time, as well as the guidelines and routines that Norid has provided on its Web pages. All communication with Norid’s application-processing system shall take place using Norid’s forms.

If the form is changed, Norid is obliged to inform the registrar about this at the latest 1 month before the amendment becomes effective.

Applicant declaration form

The applicant declaration form governs the relationship between the applicant (subsequently the subscriber) and Norid. Before the electronic application is sent to Norid, the registrar must check that the applicant has accepted Norid’s terms and conditions by signing the current declaration.

Declarations signed prior to the trantition to electronic declarations shall be archived by the registrar, can himself select the method of archival. The registrar undertakes to send a copy of the declaration form to Norid on request. The registrar shall also send Norid all or part of the declaration-form archive in the original version if Norid requests this.

Norid shall give the registrar a time limit of at least five working days for submission of declaration forms. Repeated cases of missing or inadequate responses to such enquiries or errors in the declaration forms for which the registrar is responsible may lead to termination of the agreement with immediate effect. Norid shall notify the registrar of the errors that are noted.


The registrar shall assist the applicant in filling in applications to register domain names. The registrar is obliged to inform the applicant about the regulations before an application is submitted. The registrar shall inform the applicant about the applicant’s duties under the regulations, and emphasize that the applicant has independent duties in relation to Norid, including the duty to keep contact information up-to-date. The registrar shall not enter applications or updates that the registrar must understand will be in breach with the domain name policy.

The registrar is obliged to check that the applicant is represented by the person who has contacted the registrar, and that this contact person has the necessary authorizations.

Before an electronic application is submitted to Norid, the registrar shall check that it is correctly filled in, and that the applicant has signed the current applicant declaration.

The registrar shall also check that the technical requirements set in the regulations are fulfilled.


The registrar is obliged to receive and forward to Norid details about changes to information registered regarding the domains for which the registrar holds registrar responsibility. Forwarding of this information shall be performed without payment from Norid.

The registrar is obliged to ascertain that the notifications come from a person who represents the subscriber, and that this contact person has the necessary authorizations.

The registrar is liable to the domain name holder for any direct or indirect damages following the registrar’s changes to the registrated information about domain names.

3.4 Control

Norid is entiteled to check that the registrar is keeping up the registrar agreement. This includes looking into the registrar’s system for handling and processing .no domains. Norid chooses the control methods. Norid is entiteled to look into all types of documentation connected to the .no registrar business. The registrar shall assist in gathering the requested documentation. Any test registrations made via the registrar shall not be invoced, neither by the registrar, nor by Norid.

3.5 The registration fee and annual fee

For each approved application to register a domain name, the registrar shall pay a registration fee. The registrar is also obliged to pay an annual fee for the domains for which the registrar has a registrar responsibility when the fee falls due. The size of the charge and the payment terms are specified in the regulations.

Norid shall inform the registrar about an increase of the registration fee or annual fee or a change in payment terms at the latest two months before the change becomes effective.

If an invoice is not paid in accordance with the applicable payment terms, the registrar may temporarily lose his access to use Norid’s registration service, so that applications and notifications of changes cannot be submitted to Norid. The registrar will regain access to the registration service when outstanding invoices and an opening fee of 1000 NOK have been paid; however, see below.

If an invoice is not paid within 14 days after the registrar has lost his access to the registration service, the registrar may lose his status as a registrar. The agreement may then be terminated with immediate effect. Outstanding amounts with the addition of the legislated interest on arrears will be covered with the help of the registrar’s deposit within the limits of the amount.

If the registrar has lost access to the registration service because of late payment more than three times, Norid may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

4. Norid’s duties and responsibilities

Norid shall hand over parts of the registration process, including forwarding of applications and notifications of changes on behalf of applicants and subscribers, to registrars, and shall promote competition between them by providing the same terms to all registrars.

Norid shall inform the registrar about the regulations that apply at any time to the domains Norid manages. Norid shall also inform the registrar about routines for domain name registration and for change of information associated with domain names. This information will be published on Norid’s Web pages. Norid shall in addition notify the registrar by e-mail about amendments that directly affect the registrar’s processing of applications and notifications of changes for domains.

Norid shall send a response to applications for registration of domain names to the registrar within 14 calendar days. This does not mean that processing of the application is complete, as in certain cases Norid must await documentation.

Norid has the right and duty to publish the registrar’s contact details in Norid’s list of registrars.

If a registrar agreement ends, Norid is obliged to inform subscribers to domains associated with the registrar that they must find a new registrar.

Norid has no liability for damages to the registrar for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the registrar’s handling of applications or updates for domain names.

Norid does not become involved in the relationship between registrar and applicant/subscriber beyond what is explicitly stated in this contract.

5. Amendments to the agreement

The agreement may be amended through consensus between the parties. Such amendments must always be made in writing.

In the case of significant amendments which include all the registrar agreements, Norid sends a written enquiry about acceptance of the amendment to all the registrars.

Acvept is given by signing the new agreement within 30 calendar days from the date that the written enquiry was sent.

Registrars who do not accept the new conditions will be given notice of termination, which applies from the deadline. In such case, the registrar resigns from the registrar agreement 60 calendar days after the date that the written enquiry was sent. During this 60-day period, the registar can require that the agreement remains in effect for another 60 calendar days. If Norwegian or international legislation is conditional on amendments to the contractual relationship, it is accepted without reservations that the necessary amendments are regarded as incorporated automatically.

6. Force majeure

If unexpected or extraordinary situations outside the parties’ control arise, for example, associated with natural conditions, strike, instructions or interventions from government authorities that cause the agreement to become especially burdensome to fulfil, the agreement is suspended for the period that the situation lasts. If the duration exceeds 3 months, the agreement can be cancelled by both parties with 14 days’ written notice.

7. Period of the agreement and termination

This agreement becomes effective when it is signed by both parties and payment in accordance with Clause 2 has been received, and remains effective until it is terminated by one of the parties.

The registrar has the right to give notice of withdrawal from the agreement in writing, with a notice period of 1 month calculated from receipt of the notification. The registrar is obliged to run the registrar service during the notice period, as well as to help his subscribers find a new registrar.

If the registrar no longer fulfils the basic requirements for being a registrar as described in this agreement, and this is not corrected within 30 days of the registrar’s receipt of written notice of this, Norid has the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect.

If the registrar is in material breach of his obligations under this agreement, Norid has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Circumstances regarded as material breach of contract include repeated cases of default on a payment obligation, conscious attempts of circumventing the domain name policy, and cases in which the registrar has breached the relationship of trust between Norid and the registrar which is a prerequisite for the agreement, for example, through misuse of Norid’s systems or database or submission of false documentation.

If the registrar applies for debt settlement proceedings or goes into insolvent liquidation, Norid may terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

Specific provisions regarding termination of the agreement apply in addition to those shown here.

When a registrar agreement is terminated, the archive of applicant declaration forms collected before the transition to electronic declarations shall be transferred free of charge to Norid. The deposit is repaid to the registrar after the archive has been received in a format that Norid can use, and any unpaid invoices and expenses associated with collecting missing declaration forms have been covered. The registrar must claim repayment of the deposit and specify the account number for transfer within 6 months of termination of the agreement. If the deposit is not claimed within this time limit, the claim lapses.

If the registrar loses his position as registrar due to breach of the agreement, applications for a new agreement will be rejected for a period of 12 months after termination.

8. Disputes, legal venue and choice of law

If any disagreement arises in connection with this agreement, attempts shall be made to resolve it through negotiations. If negotiations do not succeed, the parties agree on Trondheim District Court [tingrett] as the legal venue for submission of disputes. Any disagreement associated with this agreement shall be resolved in accordance with Norwegian law.

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