Domain name policy change 22 May 2018

2018 brings new and stricter rules for processing personal data. In order to make the purpose of Norid’s processing of data about domain name holders clear, we will make a policy update. 

Clause 16 in the domain name policy, regarding Norid’s use of registered information, will be updated to make it clear what purposes Norid has with the processing. The Applicant’s declaration, which is where the applicant accepts Norid’s terms and conditions for registration and use of the domain name, will be updated accordingly. 

In addition a few minor linguistic updates will be done: 

  • Clause 15 is updated to separate the applicants duties and the domain holder’s duties  
  • The limitation of Norid’s responsibility is removed from the Applicant’s declaration and added to the domain name policy as a new clause 18. The current clauses 18 and 19 will thus become 19 and 20. 

New clause 15: Responsibilities and duties for the applicant and the domain name holder

15.1 Before submitting an application, applicants must

  1. familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions.
  2. sign a declaration form (Appendix G) certifying inter alia that, to the best of his or her knowledge, registration or use of the name does not violate any third party’s registered or unregistered rights to the name, does not violate Norwegian law, and does not create an unwarranted impression of being associated with public-sector administration or the exercise of public powers. The applicant agrees that the registry may withdraw an assigned domain name when it is obvious that the assignment is in conflict with conditions that have been mentioned or with the terms and conditions in any other way. The declaration is signed electronically and collected via a registrar.

15.2 It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the registration of the domain name does not violate the terms and conditions, Norwegian law or the rights of third parties. Norid does not undertake any checking of this. The applicant bears the sole responsibility, including criminal liability and liability for damages, for consequences of the registration and use of the domain name.

15.3 The domain name holder is obliged to comply with the terms and conditions in force at any time, and to keep up to date on any changes to the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are available at

15.4 A domain name must be renewed annually. By paying the renewal fee, the domain name holder accepts the current terms and conditions.

15.5 The domain name holder must provide correct information, both at the time of application and for as long as the registration is maintained. The domain name holder must reply to queries from Norid regarding the continued accuracy of the registered information. Upon request, the domain name holder must document the information provided.

15.6 The applicant must keep the registered information (both contact and technical information) up to date at all times.

15.7 Complaints against the registration can be processed by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee in accordance with the provisions and procedures that follow from applicable regulations. The domain name holder is bound by the ADR Committee’s decision, and is required to cover the complaint fee if the complainer wins the dispute.

New clause 16: Norid’s use of registered information

16.1 Norid collects and processes data about domain name holders in order to

  1. ensure that private individuals and organisations can subscribe to Norwegian domain names and maintain and transfer the subscription within the current terms and conditions
  2. manage the Norwegian top-level domain in a way that contributes to a robust operation of the internet as an infrastructure.

16.2 Norid operates a lookup service where the public can look up a domain name and find information about the delegation, me as the holder, the technical contact person and the technical setup, and who the registrar for the domain is. The service provides a different amount of information about the domain name holder, depending on whether the holder is an organization, a one-person business or a private individual.

The purpose of the service is to

  1. contribute to the solving of technical issues, where a given domain damages functionality, security or stability for other domains or the internet as an infrastructure
  2. give the public a way to contact the domain name holder

16.3 Historical data about the domain name holders will be archived for the purposes of research and statistical analysis. Such information will not be made accessible to anyone other than whoever was the domain name holder at the time the information was valid, or with permission from this holder, unless otherwise stated through law or court decision.

16.4 Some of the information processed by Norid is data that can be linked to individual persons and that is considered personal data. Further details on this is provided in Norid’s privacy documents.

New clause 18: Limitation of liability

18.1 Norid cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages following the registrar’s handling of applications for domain names.

18.2 Norid cannot be held responsible to the domain name holder for any direct or indirect damages following operational errors or shut-downs at Norid when the incident is caused by conditions or circumstances beyond Norid’s control.


New Appendix G: Applicant’s declaration

The current Applicant’s Declaration

The new Applicant’s Declaration 



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Last updated 19 April 2018