Introduction of internationalized domain names

The introduction of internationalized domain names involved a series of changes in the domain name policy for .no. This document describes the background for the changes.

The 19th of February 2003 Norid presented a proposal for the introduction of internationalized domain names under .no. The proposal was prepared in consultation with Norpol, Norid’s advisory body, which among others includes representatives for consumers, users, authorities and ISPs. Norid asked for public comment on the proposal within the 22 of April 2003.

The small amount of answers made it difficult to draw any conclusions from the public inquest and as a result Norid decided to act upon the advice given by the policy advisory council. In consultation with the council, Norid maintained the proposal for introduction of national characters in domain names. In addition, the council gave input to some minor considerations that needed to be concluded after the choice of characters was made.

As outlined in the proposal it was decided that the new characters should cover all the official Norwegian languages, that is bokmål, nynorsk, northern Sami, southern Sami and lule Sami. Because internationalized domain names are not as robust as domain names containing ASCII characters, and many subscribers would therefore request both versions, the amount of domains an applicant may register was increased from 15 to 20. In addition some domain names was removed from the list of reserved and forbidden names, and was therefore opened for registration.

In the transition period for the new domain name policy domain names would be allocated by drawing of lots when there was more than one applicant. Norid received 43173 domain name applications for 5083 unique domain names during the transition period.

More about the introduction of internationalized domain names

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