Introduction of private domain names

On June 6th 2011 Norid relaunched This document describes the background for the decision.

Norid ran a public consultation on what the rules should be for the registration of domain names by private individuals in spring 2010. Norpol, was divided in its view on where private domain names should be placed in the name tree. The advisory board did nonetheless decide on a recommendation based on the majority’s opinion, and advised that should be continued as the category domain for private individuals, and that private individuals should not be able to register domain names directly within .no.

The consultation revealed that the Norwegian society is divided on this issue, but the majority leaned towards the same recommendation as Norpol did. In light of this, Norid deceded to continue, while registrations directly within .no remain exclusive to organizations and businesses.

The results of the consultation also indicated that private individuals should not be required to document the rights to the name they apply for, and that the number of domains any one person can register within should be restricted to five. Additionally, the consultation supported that the transition to the new domain name policy should be done by lottery when more than one person applied for the same domain name.

We received 4729 applications for 3295 unique names during the transitional period.

More about the introduction of domain names for individuals

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