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Until now, KS has administered the category domains herad.no and kommune.no, where around 500 domains associated with municipalities and county authorities are registered. As of 23 May Norid will undertake this responsibility in agreement with KS.

The two category domain names herad.no and kommune.no will be run like the other category domain names administered by Norid. The assignment rules set by KS will be continued. This means that only municipalities and county authorities can register domains here, and that they can only register their actual name.

The following changes are made in the domain name policy for .no, appendix C (Category second-level domains managed by Norid):

The list of category domains administered by Norid is expanded to include herad.no and kommune.no.

The following regulation is added under “who can apply”:

herad.no and kommune.no: The applicant must be a municipal or a county authority. The domain name must consist of the complete, parts of, or a natural abbreviation of the organization’s real name.

In addition to this, herad.no and kommune.no will be removed from appendix D (Category second-level domains managed by parties other than Norid).

Click here to view the domain name policy active before this change
Last updated 15 May 2017