Welcome to Norid’s registrar web

The registrar web is divided into two parts. An open site available to everyone, and a password protected site where each registrar can administer their own data. All registrars have an account on the registrar web.

On the open site you can find everything you need to know about our registry system. Please let us know if you see anything missing or have any suggestions. Email us at info@norid.no.

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PID-service unavailable 6 February 2018

System maintenance 2018-02-06 1 February 2018

Registry services are moved back to primary site in Oslo 2018-02-06 30 January 2018

Updating domains within kommune.no and herad.no 22 January 2018

The new payment model is now launched 30 November 2017

New data model: Tech contact must be a role 30 November 2017

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