In which cases can the registrar agreement be transferred?

For changes of the organization – merging or demerging – which leads to a new company register number, the registrar agreement cannot be transferred to the new company. However, if it is only a change of the organizational structure, the agreement may be transferred.

Examples of changes of the organizational structure:

  • from sole proprietorship (Norwegian: enpersonforetak) to a private limited company (Norwegian: aksjeselskap)
  • from company with liability (Norwegian: ANS) to a private limited company (Norwegian: aksjeselskap)

In these cases you have to send an application to transfer the agreement. You must include a copy of the company’s Certificate of Registration and documentation which shows that the change only affects the organizational structure.

On merge or demerge you have to establish a new registrar agreement on your new company register number. When the new agreement is in place, the domains can be transferred to the new registrar handle. Please contact us on to receive the necessary documents.

Last updated 26 January 2016