Transitional phase

System changeover schedule

October and the changeover to the new registry system is coming up fast. This is the schedule for 30 September through 8 October.

During the entire changeover period the following applies:

  • The customer service and Norid’s staff are available during all working days (08.00-16.00).
  • We will set up a chat service with two points of contact at Norid:
    • the administrative department (applications, registrar web, etc.)
    • the technical department
  • We will provide a mobile phone number that will act as a hotline directly to the techie on duty. The number will be sent to the registrar mailing list shortly before the changeover starts.
  • All systems will be monitored continuously. Backup will be taken two times per day.
  • We will publish daily newsletters with status and statisics updates during the week of 4 – 8 October

It may become necessary to shut down the access for one or more registrars, or at worst shut down the entire system. Should this happen, we will contact the affected registrar or registrars as soon as we can.

Up to a certain point in time it will be possible to roll back to the old registry system should a critical error situation arise.

The changeover period from day to day

Thursday 30 September

  • 16.00: We close the system to all types of requests except renewals and cancellations. Make sure that all your important updates are sent to us before the system closes. For instance:
    • changing or updating hosts
    • picking domains up from reg0
    • domain registrations
  • We will process all the applications received before shutdown. Registrations or updates that are on hold because one or more hosts haven’t responded will be rejected.
  • No domains will be deleted from the DNS.
  • The .no zone file is published. The next zone file update will be on Tuesday 5 October.

Friday 1 October

  • Just after midnight: the registry email reception ( shuts down.
  • The remaining renewals and cancellations are processed in the morning. There will be no autorenewal of domains that expire in November.
  • The October invoices are generated.
  • Domains that have reached the end of their quarantene period get deleted from the database.
  • When all tasks are completed, the registry system is shut down for good.
  • Reorganising the website. This will take some time and our website will be unstable while we do the reorganising.
  • Data exporting and importing (whois-data, accounting data, statistics, etc.) starts. The entire process should take about 12-15 hours.

Saturday 2 October – Sunday 3 October

  • The data import continues until it’s done.
  • The various services are set up and readied as the relevant data is installed, such as:
    • whois/DAS
    • statistcs
    • registrar web
  • We will generate “password reset” links for the registrars that have passed the registrar test. The link for each individual registrar will be published on the old registrar web.

Monday 4 October

  • 09.00: The registrar web opens. The registrars spend the day:
    • registering their IP addresses
    • setting the EPP password
    • checking that the imported data sets are correct

Tuesday 5 October

  • 09.00: EPP opens for all transaction types.
  • 16.00: EPP closes.
  • The new .no zone file is published.

Wednesday 6 October

  • 09.00: EPP opens. From now on the system will run day and night, all year around.
  • The new zone file will be published at the end of the working day.

Norid’s techies will be on duty over the night to keep an eye on the system. Note that this does not mean that Norid’s opening hours will be extended.

Thursday 7 October

  • 08.00-16.00: Business as usual.

Friday 8 October

  • 16.00: The system has been running for five days and large amounts of data have been registered and updated. The new registry system is in operation and a rollback to the old system is no longer an option should a crisis occur.
Last updated 7 April 2016