Draupne test server: Whois/DAS query (whois.test.norid.no)

The whois data base contains all registered information about .no domains. The domain subscriber is responsible for the quality of the datas about his specific domain, while the actual update is effected by the registrar.

Norid’s whois data base only contains information about domains within .no. Please refer to the list of registries around the world if you need information about domains within other top-level domains. Please refer to the .no rules for privacy protection (in Norwegian only).

Look up the whois guide if you need information about how to search and how to read the results.

Check the DAS-checkbox to lookup via the ‘Domain Availability Service’ insead of the Whois service. DAS is a service where to check whether a domain is already registered (delegated), or if it is available and can be registered.


Guidelines for how to search and how to read the results

Last updated 4 June 2018