Domain names under .no

This page shows the number of domain names under .no, how they are distributed among domain name holders, and which types of domain names exist.

Trend in the number of domain names directly under .no


The growth in active domain names is governed by the number of new registrations and the share of domain names that are renewed.

Number of domain names per holder


The great majority of domain name holders have only one domain name. The number of holders that have several domain names is inversely proportional to the number of domain names – that is, a minority of the players control the majority of the resources. This is virtually a “law of nature” which prevails in unregulated resource distribution situations.

Under the .no domain, the distribution of domain names has been regulated to some extent. Until 30 November 2011 each holder could have up to 20 domain names, and certain holders therefore have a lower number of domain names than the trend line indicates that they would otherwise have had. The graph shows this accumulation as a peak coinciding with the quota limit. In addition, there is a smaller peak at the previous limit of 15 domain names. As from 1 December 2011 the quota has been 100 domain names. After some time we will be able to see whether and how this change will effect the graph.

The quota limit helps to reduce the potential of speculation in domain names. An evaluation of the quota limit scheme shows that it has broad support among users, and that a clear majority consider more benefits than disadvantages with such a scheme.

Private domain names


6 June 2011 the domain was relaunched for registration. On 17 June 2014 private individuals in addition got the opportunity to register domain names directly under .no as well as under the geographical domains administered by Norid.

The filled blue graph shows the number of private domains registered. The orange line shows the percentage that makes from the total number of registrations under .no at the time.

Domain names with national characters


Number and percentage of domain names with national characters. The majority of such domain names (marked in blue) contain only æ, ø or å in addition to international standard characters. Domain names with at least one of the rarer characters that were permitted at the same time are marked in green. It became possible to register domain names with national characters (æ, ø and å and 20 other characters) in February 2004.

Last updated 18 November 2016