The registrars as well as Norid get positive feedback

Earlier this year 600 .no subscribers gave their view on the competition on the Norwegian domain market, and on to which degree they are satisfied with the services from the registrars as well as from Norid itself. The findings from the survey are presented here, while the market analysis is presented in a separate document.

Main conclusions

Easy to register a domain name

  • easier than before to get an overview of the registration model
  • 2 out of 3 find it easy to find the price
  • easy to find a registrar

Price most important when choosing a registrar

  • half of the applicants compare prices from more than one registrar
  • big or well known registrars are not chosen more often than the small or unknown ones
  • offer of additional services are important
  • choosing the same registrar again

Satisfied with the registrar

  • satisfied with the registration itself
  • satisfied with the guidance they got
  • satisfied with the handling upon rejections

Easy to change

  • one fourth has changed to another registrar during the last year
  • price is the main reason, need of additional services is the second

Lack of information upon registration

  • only one half was informed about rights and obligations as a domain name subscriber
  • a bigger part got information about the existence of a policy for the .no domain

Norid is known and approved

  • the registrar is the major source for information about Norid
  • one third has been in contact with Norid
  • email is the main channel, but quite a lot use the telephone as well
  • a big part is satisfied with the assistance they got from Norid

Complete report (in Norwegian only)
Market analysis (in Norwegian only)

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