Reliable, professional and orderly

Norid gets good ratings among registrars and domain name holders as a reliable and professional actor with focus on its core tasks. On the other hand they also give clear advice on needs for changes when it comes to bothersome systems and routines.

This survey maps customer satisfaction among registrars and holders, and was conducted by TNS Gallup in November 2008. It is built on similar registrar surveys from 2004 and 2007, and a survey among domain name holders in 2005.

Fewer and bigger registrars

For the vast majority of .no registrars, the business for Norid counts for less than 10 per cent of the total turnover. However, each registrar is getting bigger with regard to the number of domain names. One third of the registrars has responsibility for more than 500 domains, compared to 25 per cent both in 2004 and 2007. In total there are fewer registrars and an increased number of domains. Thus some registrars have taken over a bigger market share.

Eight out of ten have been a registrar for Norid for four years or more.

Experienced registrars are more positive

Two out of three registrars have a general positive perception of Norid, and they tend to be more positive the more experienced they are. They emphasize service-mindedness and the delivery of services from Norid as major reasons, but also that Norid is reliable, professional and orderly.

16 per cent has a negative perception of Norid and points at bothersome and time consuming routines, problems in achieving contact, and that Norid is stiff-legged in handling the domain name policy. With regard to specific services, far more registrars are satisfied than unsatisfied. The exception is usability for the running registry system, which we are quite conscious about and working very hard to improve.

The web pages are important and get good scores

The registrars are as satisfied with the information from Norid now as in previous surveys. An increasing share – nine of ten – says that they get the information they need to be able to guide their own customers.

Again email contact with the customer service and Norid’s web pages are ranked as the most important channels for contact and information, closely followed by the registrar web. These channels also get high scores on satisfaction. Even so, we are still working to achieve even higher satisfaction rates.

Increasing knowledge on EPP

More than half of the registrars have knowledge about EPP, and four out of ten use EPP today. However, almost 50 per cent is still uncertain about which EPP solution they are going to choose for the new registry system, which will be launched later this year. Thus there is a clear need for training on EPP.

Easier to register domains

In 2008 fewer domain name holders know what a registrar is than in 2005. This is a surprising result when considering that domain names are getting more and more common, but shows that Norid’s focus on information and dissemination is necessary and important. At the same time finding a registrar and getting information on how to register a domain have become easier.

Three out of four domain name holders have heard about Norid. Among these one fourth has a positive perception, while as many as 70 per cent have no impression of Norid. This shows that we can work on being more visible. Among the negative responses some give the service a low rating, while others point at bothersome routines and bureaucracy.

Almost half of the holders has visited Norid’s website, and a majority says that the information is easy to find and easy to understand. Despite of these positive figures, we are working on an quite extensive project to improve the web.

The registrar web is getting more important

The login part of the registrar web is considered more and more important. However, even if the registrars find the information useful, they are not completely satisfied. We assume that they still miss some services, and hope that we will meet some of these needs when the new registrar web is launched in the fall.

Good ratings for the customer service

Registrars as well as holders are more satisfied with the answers they get per email than on the phone. The registrars tend to be more satisfied than the holders.

The registrars are generally more satisfied with the customer service now than in 2007, which is very positive taking into consideration that we changed the supplier of the services as late as in April 2008. The responses tell us that the transition has worked out smoothly.

The entire report: Survey on customer satisfaction for Norid 2008 (PDF-fil, 6,1 MB, Norwegian)
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