Users still satisfied

The survey measures customer satisfaction among registrars and domain holders, and was conducted by Synovate in September 2011. The main conclusion compared to other surveys is that both registrars and holders are mainly satisfied with Norid and the services we offer.

The comparisons in this summary are mainly against a similar survey in 2008

More small registrars

Only 6 percent of the registrars state that their registrar business amount to more than 25 percent of their total turnover. The number of registrars with less than 500 domain holders has increased since 2008. We also see an increase in the amount of registrars that have been a registrars for more than 4 years.

Easy to find a registrar

The amount of domain holders who knows what a registrar is, has decreased since 2008. But the more domain names a holder has, the more likely it is that he knows what a registrar is. 68 percent of the holders state that it was easy to find a registrar, og 73 percent think it was easy to register a domain name. This is an improvement since 2008, and indicates that it is a relatively easy process to register a domain name, and that the process has become easier.

Positive impression of Norid

77 percent of the holders have heard of Norid, and the holders that have an impression of Norid are mainly positive. Only 2 percent have a negative impression. A total of 67 percent have no impression of Norid, and the main reason they give is that Norid is not very visible.

Satisfied with services from Norid

The registrars are all in all satisfied with the services provided by Norid. The quality of the DNS service, the quality of the registry system and processing times for applications all receive high scores. The exception is how the registrars rate the user-friendliness of the registry system. The system, which is based on EPP, was introduced in 2010, and the registrars are more satisfied in 2011 than before the new system was introduced. However, we had expected a higher score than we received. This is an area we will work to improve.

The information channels work

Nine out of ten registrars get the information they need from Norid in order to fulfill the requirements for guidance and information towards their customers.

We see that the registrars perceive the registrar web as important. None of the information on the registrarweb is considered to be useless, which indicates that we have hit the mark. However, there is a higher share that ranks the channel as important than the share who is satisfied, which indicates that the registrar web still has potential for improvement.

Norid’s web pages are also considered to be improtant, but the number who thinks they are very important has decreased by 30 percent since 2004. This might indicate that many of the registrars have been a registrar for a long time, and no longer have the same need for the information on the web pages.

Half of the domain holders that have visited the web pages state that it is easy to find what they are looking for. The same amount were satisfied with the web pages.

Good feedback to the customer service

As in 2008, both registrars and domain holders are satisfied with the customer service. Both groups are still more satisfied with the answers they receive by email, than by phone.

71 percent of the domain holders are more satisfied than dissatisfied with the service from the customer service.

Norid’s EPP client is popular

9 out of 10 registrars use the EPP client offered by Norid. The same amount wish that we maintain the client in the future.

The entire report: Survey on customer satisfaction for Norid 2011 (PDF-file, 1,8 MB, Norwegian)
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