Norsk Internett Register continues their misleading activity towards Norwegian companies. So does European City Guide, which operates from Spain. These companies are listed in a warning list including companies making confusing and misleading marketing from Næringslivets sikkerhetsråd (Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council). This kind of services has no connection to Norid.

After a quiet period, .no holders are offered to be listed in the catalogue Norsk Internett Register again. We want to underline that Norid has no connection to this business. We do warn .no holders to reply to their requiries, or to pay the demanded fees, which could reach an amount of thousands of kroner over a pretended lock-in period.

VG nett/Dine penger refer to Økokrim (Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime) adviser Anne Dybo, who recommend Norwegian companies to ignore both invoices and notices of debt collection from these companies.

Both companies are on the warning list for catalogue and advirtising businesses from the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council. The security council also gives advice on how to act if you receive misleading offers.

Former notice from VG Nett/Dine penger (June 2008)
Former warning from Norid (July 2008)

Published: 16 February 2009