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You can at any time change to a different registrar and take your domain name subscription with you. 

This is how to proceed to change registrar

When you change your registrar, you need either a transfer code or a one-time token. Both are equal methods.

The purpose of a transfer code is to prevent your domain name subscription from being moved to a new registrar without your knowledge or consent.

If the domain name subscription is without a registrar, you do not need a transfer code or a one-time token to move the subscription. You can contact the registrar you wish to use and ask them to take over as a registrar.

Change registrar by transfer code

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Change registrar with one-time token

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    You can check which email addresse this is by looking up the domain name in the lookup service.
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What does it cost to change registrars?

We do not bill the registrar for transferring a domain name, but your registrar may charge a fee for their part of the job.

The registrar cannot charge you for handing over the transfer code, or for updating your email address so that you can receive a one-time token.

List of registrars

Published: 28 March 2019
Updated: 9 November 2023