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It is important to always keep your contact information up to date, to make sure you receive important information about your subscription. Contact your registrar to update your contact information.

By contact information we mean the following:

  • organization name for businesses and full name for private individuals
  • mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number

The e-mail address is especially important, as we use e-mail to contact you in the event of a problem with your subscription, e.g. that is has not been continued. In the worst-case scenario, such a situation may lead to your subscription being cancelled and your domain name being deleted.

What does it cost to update contact information?

We do not bill the registrar for changes to registered contact information, but your registrar may charge a fee for their part of the job.

Frequently asked questions about updating contact information

Published: 14 July 2014
Updated: 16 September 2021