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When you register a domain name, you create a subscription for the domain name. You hold the right to use the domain name for as long as you pay the annual fee. The parties to the subscription contract are you, as the holder, and Norid, as the party responsible for the service, and the contract regulates your rights and obligations. You accept the terms and conditions by signing an applicant's declaration. Your registrar will make sure this is taken care of.

The most important terms and conditions of the subscription contract

  • The most important right you obtain, is the right to use the domain name. A domain name is unique; as long as you subscribe to a domain name, no other party can register the same name.
  • Complaints against your registration are heard by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. As a domain name holder, you are bound by the committee’s decision, and you must pay the complaint fee if a complaint against you is successful. More about complaints concerning domain names
  • You must declare that the domain name you are registering is not in conflict with Norwegian law and does not infringe upon any rights to the name held by a third party, and furthermore that you do not, in any way, make it appear as if you are a public authority or engaged in public administration without, in fact, being a public agency or authority.
  • You must keep your contact information updated. Your e-mail address must be up to date at all times, because if there is a problem with your subscription, such as the annual fee not being paid, we will send you an e-mail.
  • We may recall a registered domain name if it becomes obvious that its registration is in conflict with the terms and conditions.
  • The regulations concerning Norwegian domain names include the complete terms and conditions that apply. This declaration is a short version. The declaration text is included below. 

These are the conditions you must accept in the declaration

More about subscription terms and conditions

Norwegian domain name policy

Published: 18 March 2019
Updated: 4 May 2021