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Note: This translation is provided solely for information. Only the Norwegian declaration is legally valid.

This declaration together with the terms and conditions that are valid at any given time, complete the contract between Norid AS, that runs the registry for Norwegian domain names, and you as the subscriber. When you sign the declaration, you commit to the terms and conditions for registering a Norwegian domain name (domain names that end with .no).

I hereby declare that the registration and/or use of the domain name

  • does not conflict with the applicable terms and conditions, cf. /en/om-domenenavn/regelverk-for-no/
  • does not, to my knowledge, infringe on third-party registered or unregistered rights to the name
  • does not conflict with Norwegian law
  • does not unfairly represent any relation to any public administrative agency or authority

I have made myself familiar with the requirements set by the terms and conditions for registration and use of the domain name, and I know my rights and obligations.

I am aware that

  • Norid collects and processes data about subscribers in order to fulfil the agreement with me as the subscriber and to manage the Norwegian top-level domain in a way that contributes to a robust operation of the internet as an infrastructure.
  • Norid operates a lookup service where the public can look up a domain name and find information about the delegation, me as the subscriber, the technical contact person and the technical setup, and who the registrar for the domain is. As the subscriber I can provide an anonymized email address in the contact data, as long as I can be contacted via this email address.
  • complaints against my registration can be processed by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee in accordance with the provisions and procedures that follow from the applicable terms and conditions. As the subscriber I am bound by the ADR Committee’s decision, and I am required to cover the complaint fee if the complainer wins the dispute.
  • Norid may rescind a registered domain name if it becomes clear that its registration is in violation of the terms specified in this declaration or otherwise conflicts with the terms and conditions.

As the subscriber, I am obligated to adhere to the terms and conditions valid at any given time, and to keep informed about changes to the terms and conditions. A domain name must be renewed annually. By paying the annual fee, I accept the current terms and conditions.

The current version is 3.1, dated 2019-12-10.

Published: 13 November 2019
Updated: 11 June 2021