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When you start the process of registering a domain name, you must always contact a domain name provider. The provider will help you through the registration process and follow up on your subscription from there. All domain name providers on our list have a contract with us.

You must be a customer of a domain name provider in order to register a domain name; you cannot register directly with us. All payments for the domain name is done to the provider.

What you can expect from your provider

The provider will actually register the domain name you requested, and they will help you with any changes to your subscription, such as updating your registered contact information. The provider will make sure your subscription continues for as long as you want it to, provided you pay the annual fee.

We require all providers to have adequate technical skills, and be able to handle the administrative connected with the domain business. New providers must pass a test before they are approved as providers for .no.

Most providers offer various services associated with your domain name, including web hosting, e-mail and website building tools.

How to choose a provider

You can choose any provider from our list of providers. You can use a filter to sort the list based on different criteria, for instance whether the provider offers services to private individuals or not, and where the provider is based.. You can also choose to see providers that offer to secure domain names with DNSSEC (recommended standard) .

It is a good idea to check references and compare the rates and conditions of several providers before you decide. Always ask which services are included in the price. You can also check whether the provider offers solutions for self service on their webpage if this is important for you.

We cannot recommend one provider over another.

What does a domain name cost?

The domain name provider pays a set rate to us to register a domain name. In addition, you will have to pay your provider for his part of the job. Rates vary depending on the types of services you order, rates also vary between providers.

Our price to the provider for the registration of a domain name is 75 NOK including VAT. The registration fee also covers the annual fee for the first year. The annual fee after that is NOK 75 including VAT from us to the provider.

The providers have different price models, and some also have special offers that might result in a lower price. It can therefore be worth while to check prices from several providers.

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Published: 6 July 2014
Updated: 30 October 2019