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Whenever you come across web pages with content you suspect is illegal, the problem is usually not related to the domain name itself. As a result, other parties are most often better placed to do something about it.

How to remove content online

The only effective means of making an unlawful service entirely inaccessible without negatively affecting third parties, is to remove the content or shut down the service. This can only be done where the service or content is located. In cases where it is difficult to access the content, prosecuting authorities and the legal system can take steps against the domain name.

Help and assistance on matters involving illegal content

  • The online service offers advice on how to get online information removed. They are quite knowledgeable about what it is possible to remove and how to proceed in order to succeed.
  • The police have a page with tips on how the public can inform the police about illegal activity online.
  • Domain conflicts in the legal system. A guide aimed at judges, prosecutors, police investigators, lawyers and others who may require specialized knowledge about the technical and practical aspects of conflict resolution and legal processes involving domain names.
Published: 8 July 2014
Updated: 27 February 2023