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What can you use a domain name for? Are there differences between a Norwegian domain name, i.e. one that ends in .no, and a domain name under another top-level domain, such as .se, .com or .cloud? What are relevant facts and statistical data about Norwegian domain names?

How the domain name system works

Everyone who uses the internet, uses domain names to reach the services they desire. On this page you will find a simple introduction to how the domain name system, also known as the DNS, works. For a user, the value of the internet lies in the services that run on the technical infrastructure. The most …

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This is an overview of guides that Norid has written on various domain name related topics.

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How many Norwegian domain names are there? How many new domain names are registered and how many are deleted? Who are the biggest registrars for Norwegian domain names? On this page you can find statistics about the Norwegian domain marked.

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In-depth reading

Check out the links below for more detailed information about various topics related to domain names. If you have a special interest in technical issues, we recommend the dedicated section for technical reading. 

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