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What can you use a domain name for? Are there differences between a Norwegian domain name, i.e. one that ends in .no, and a domain name under another top-level domain, such as .se, .com or .cloud? What are relevant facts and statistical data about Norwegian domain names?


This is an overview of guides that Norid has written on various domain name related topics.

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How many Norwegian domain names are there? How many new domain names are registered and how many are deleted? Who are the biggest registrars for Norwegian domain names? On this page you can find statistics about the Norwegian domain marked.

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Secure online communication

In order for us to be safe online, a complicated puzzle of security measures must fit together just right. An extension of the domain name system, which makes sure you get to the right place when you enter a web page, is one such security measure. If you wanted to go to, you can be sure that that’s where you end up if this mechanism has been activated. 

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In-depth reading

Check out the links below for more detailed information about various topics related to domain names. If you have a special interest in technical issues, we recommend the dedicated section for technical reading. 

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