In 2018 stricter rules for processing personal data will be implemented. This will affect Norid's processing of data concerning domain name holders.

The main principle is that we shall only collect data that we need, and that the domain holder shall be informed about which data is being processed by Norid. Starting on 5 May, we will collect less data about the holder than what we currently do.

New lookup service for Norwegian domains

Norid runs a lookup service (whois) where the public can enter a domain name and receive information about the domain delegation, the holder, the technical contact and the technical setup, and who the registrar is.

The publically available lookup service increases the confidence in Norwegian domains:

  • It is easy to find the right point of contact when a domain causes technical issues
  • It makes it possible to find the person responsible for the delegation
  • It makes it possible to contact the domain holder
  • It contributes to preventing illegal content online

The service is important to many actors that need to find the person responsible for a domain name. At the same time, the new data protection act means that the amount of information available to the public must be reduced. Norid has consulted with the Data Protection Authority, and will be launching a new version of the lookup service on 22 May.

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Published: 10 April 2018
Updated: 7 May 2018