Domain scammers have resumed activities. Pushy sellers are offering domain names through dubious and unserious methods. We advise our domain name holders to show caution.

Their sales method is well known in Norway and abroad: The holder is contacted by a seller offering the business's domain name within other top level domains than .no. It can be a business with the domain receiving an offer to buy or The seller often claims that competing businesses are interested in the same domains, and that speed is of the essence if you want to secure the name. The result is a huge bill for a service that your business might not have any use of at all.

There are just short of 300 different top level domains today, either of the national kind like .no or .se, or the generic kind like .com or .net. It is up to you to decide if you want to register your business name or trademarks within other top level domains than .no, or if you need more Norwegian names. Some Norwegian businesses do need extra domain names locally and abroad, but they are not the majority.

If your business is interested in registering more domain names, we recommend that you talk to your registrar about it.

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Published: 22 September 2015
Updated: 10 September 2020