Domain name providers (registrars)

All providers (registrars) on this list have an agreement with us. The registrars are listed in a randomized order.

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  • Select registrars from one specific country only.
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  • Select registrars offering DNSSEC.
  • Select registrars that are members of the registrar association Dot-Enno.
  • Use the free text field to search for a specific word in the registrar's name or address. You may for example search for registrars located in Oslo by searching for the word 'Oslo'.

Norid has created this list exclusively for the purpose of providing contact information about Norid's registrars. Norid does not allow the registered information to be used with other intentions, regardless of whether it is for commercial exploitation or not. The registrar list should be regarded as a database. Reproduction and copying of whole or significant parts of the list is not allowed.

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