Sør-Trøndelag District Court resolved the lawsuit between Elineweb and Norid in a judgement made on 28 June 2012. The judgement finds in favour of Norid on several principal issues regarding the domain name policy and our right to add co.no onto the list of domain names that cannot be registered or transferred.

Our interpretation of this judgement is that the contract(s) between Elineweb and CoDNS/EuroDNS does not conflict with the prohibition against changing co.no's holder. The Court's opinion is that the contract does not circumvent the current policy, but is instead an adaptation to the rules in force.

In Norid's opinion there is no basis to claim that the Court has established that CoDNS's actual business idea is in complete accordance with the .no domain name policy.

The Court has focused on whether the contract between the parties Elineweb and CoDNS/EuroDNS is in breach of the current system of agreements, and has found that there is no basis for withdrawing the domain. This does not mean that the Court has made a ruling on the sales methods or marketing on CoDNS's website. The judgement does not, as far as Norid can tell, say whether the use of co.no is in accordance with the contract between Elineweb and Norid.

The judgement orders Norid to write on the Norid website, and to inform the registrars, that the contract between Elineweb and CoDNS/EuroDNS is not in breach of the current system of agreements. This was carried out through a press release and exclusive information to the registrars on 29 June 2012.

The judgement does not order Norid to delete the article that was published on the website and emailed to the registrars in October 2010.

More information

The judgement from Sør-Trøndelag District Court as of 28 June 2012
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Published: 6 July 2012