The domain is registered by the Norwegian organization ELINEWEB AS. It is run by the company CoDNS BV, which is offering sub-domains of to other entities.

The domain is not one of the official second-level category domains administered by Norid, and the use of the domain in this manner is not endorsed by us.

While registration of third-level domains within is not prohibited, it does have some implications that prospective domain holders should be aware of:

  1. A holder of a sub-domain under is solely dependent on the decisions made by the holder of Sub-domains within are not bound by the domain name policy for .no, the Norwegian regulation on domain names or by decisions by the domain complaints board, and they are not protected by these policies and regulations in the manner that ordinary .no-domain name holders and third parties are.

  2. If the holder of fails to fulfill his obligations to Norid, the domain name may be deleted in accordance with the domain name policy, item 12. All existing sub-domain names under will subsequently be lost.

  3. While 1) and 2) is true for any second level domain under .no, there is an additional complication for The domain is on a "prohibited/reserved"-list (Appendix A in the domain name policy). This means that while the current holder will not lose their registration, they cannot transfer the domain to another holder. If the current holder ceases to exist or the domain is deleted for any other reason, the domain will be put on hold and not released for new registrations.

Published: 16 May 2012